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New Items to Our Menu!

During Covid, we must print out our menu daily - this means that some of our menu items may change. We are also able to add new items, like our Small Plates section! For $9, you can enjoy some Truffle Cream Penne or a Vegetable Panini or our Open Face Italian Sausage Sandwich! Our Steak Feature will change every few weeks .... at the moment we have a glorious 22 ounce Porterhouse Steak with Pan Roasted Mushrooms / Rosemary & Garlic / Whipped Potatoes .... it's the best of both worlds! You have the beef tenderloin cut and the new york strip cut all in one! We will be featuring Filet Mignon next!

If you are missing that fair food this Fall, we are featuring our Panzarotti tonight! It's a deep fried stromboli with ham, pepperoni & cheese! Take out or dine in!

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Tuesday Wednesday Thursday: Open at 4pm. Kitchen Closes at 8:30pm Friday Saturday: Open at 4pm. Kitchen Closes at 9:30pm Sunday Monday: Closed * Please keep in mind, during Pandemic or Winter Seas

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